Let’s make the dreamskiresort Snow Report a success for you, our viewers and us this year!

The dreamskiresort SNOW REPORT

starts December 1st 2022 and you’re invited to participate!​

Every Thursday, from December 1st, we will publish our Snow Report via our Youtube channel in which we will give the current weather conditions, the weekend forecast as well as current snow depths for the 52 ski resorts in our 2021/2022 Top-50 European Ski Resorts.

We are excited to invite you to participate this year, completely free of charge.

  • Format

    Our weekly Snow Report will be published in video format on our Youtube channel, as well as via our website and other online media so as to reach as many viewers as possible. Each weekly episode will last approximately 12 to 20 minutes. Resorts participating with their own “live” report will be featured at the beginning of the video. Each participation will last on average 1 to 3 minutes.

  • Frequency

    Our Snow Report will be published once a week, every Thursday, starting Thursday December 1st, with the last one for the 2022/2023 winter season airing on Thursday April 20th 2023. Each resort is invited to participate in 1 or 2 episodes over the course of the season. In the below registration form, you can select your preferred dates for your participation.

  • Your participation

    We want your participation to be fun, appealing and help make our viewers feel closer to your resort. We don’t expect you to send us a professional meteorological service style video... no! We just want a fun and informal “selfie” style short video in which you greet our viewers, make them feel as if they’re at your resort and tell them a little about the current weather and the weather that can be expected over the coming days. It is also an opportunity for you to throw in a few completely free marketing lines to attract our viewers to your resort this winter.

  • Language

    Our Snow Reports will be published in 5 different languages this season: English, French, German, Polish and Spanish. For your “live” segment, you can speak in English or in your local language. However, if you do choose to shoot your film in your local language, we would ask you to kindly send us a transcript of what you say so we can translate and provide correct subtitles for each language version we publish.

  • No cost

    Your participation in our weekly Snow Report is entirely free of charge this season. However, if you’d really like to support us grow even quicker (so that we can in turn support your resort even more over the coming years), we will be more than delighted to offer you the possibility of a short “Sponsored by” static display at the end of our forecast for a nominal charge.

  • Guidelines

    See our FAQ section below for our main guidelines, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Indicate your participation preferences.


  1. Please note that only the resorts listed in our dropdown menu at the beginning of the below form are invited to participate. 
  2. For the question “We’d like to select our own preferred dates to appear on the Snow Report”, you are invited to either select the option “No, you can assign us dates randomly” (meaning we will assign the episode date/s for you) or you can select up to 4 preferred dates for your participation after ticking the option “Yes”. These dates will be assigned strictly in the order of “first come, first served”, so to ensure you get one of your preferred dates, please send us this form asap.
  3. Each resort is invited to participate in a maximum of 4 episodes this season. 


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

No! Your participation is completely free as per this invitation you have received inviting you to participate up to 4 times between December 1st 2022 and April 2023.

We will publish the English language version of our Snow Report every Thursday as follows:

  1. Thursday, December 1st 2022
  2. Thursday, December 8th 2022
  3. Thursday, December 15th 2022
  4. Thursday, December 22nd 2022
  5. Thursday, December 29th 2022
  6. Thursday, January 5th 2023
  7. Thursday, January 12th 2023
  8. Thursday, January 19th 2023
  9. Thursday, January 26th 2023
  10. Thursday, February 2nd 2023
  11. Thursday, February 9th 2023
  12. Thursday, February 16th 2023
  13. Thursday, February 23rd 2023
  14. Thursday, March 2nd 2023
  15. Thursday, March 9th 2023
  16. Thursday, March 16th 2023
  17. Thursday, March 23rd 2023
  18. Thursday, March 30th 2023
  19. Thursday, April 6th 2023
  20. Thursday, April 13th 2023
  21. Thursday, April 20th 2023

Our other language versions will be published later on the same day or the following day (Friday).

Please send your video file as an MP4 file. Please ensure it is less than 1GB in size. If not, we kindly ask you to compress it before sending.

This is entirely up to you! However, it must be shot at the earliest 3 days prior to us publishing the episode you are appearing on, so Monday of the same week you’re appearing in would be the earliest we ask you to film.

Ideally, we suggest you film your short video on Wednesday or Thursday morning (Thursday morning would be ideal, but remember you must send us your file by 1pm on the Thursday you are appearing on at the latest).

Please send us your file in order to ensure we receive it at the latest by 1pm (C.E.T.) on the Thursday your film is appearing on our Snow Report.

We cannot guarantee your appearance if we receive your file after 1pm (C.E.T.) on the Thursday of the Snow Report.

You do not need a professional TV set to do your weather video for us! In fact, we’d like your video to come across as friendly and informal as possible as we believe this will make our viewers feel closer to you. 

You can shoot the film simply as selfie style  video from a smart phone if you wish!

We’d prefer that you shoot it outdoors, and that you (a person from the Tourist Office) appears in the video (at least partially as a presentation), yet this is entirely up to you.

On the video, give a quick welcome to our viewers to your resort, tell them what the weather is like and what the outlook for the weekend is. Show live images of the weather conditions on the streets of your resort or however you prefer, such as from a snow covered field, an attraction at the resort, from a chairlift or on a ski slope… or mix up as many of these scenes as you want on your short video.

Have fun making the video. While we want to show the current weather conditions at your resort, what we really want is to make our viewers feel closer to you, welcome to your resort and for them to think how they really should visit your resort for their next holiday.

Your film segment should last no longer than 3 minutes. We suggest a minimum of 1 minute. If your film is longer than 3 minutes in duration, we reserve the right to edit it in order to reduce its duration to 3 minutes.

Our Snow Report will be published ever Thursday evening in English, followed by a Spanish, French, German and Polish language version which will all be published between Thursday evening and the next day.

You can send us your video in just 1 language. However, if you wish, you are very welcome to send us a different video file in Spanish, French, German and/or Polish as well.

If you only send us 1 language, please speak in either your local language spoken at the resort, or in English.

If you use a language other than English on your video, we may ask you to send us a transcript of what you say so that we can translate it in order to subtitle your video in the languages we publish the Snow Report in.

Yes of course. Your first 4 appearances during the 2022/2023 season are free of charge.

If you would like to appear every week, or simply more often than just 4 times over the 5-month period of the season (23 episodes), contact us by email for a special quote. Each additional appearance will be charged from €50 per appearance. We are also happy to discuss other possibilities and pricing options with you.

For the 2022/2023 season, we offer a “sponsorship” appearance to just 1 resort per week that will appear at the end of the Snow Report. This must be a static publication, which can be designed by us or you. For the 2022/2023 season we continue our promise of reduced pricing, and this sponsorship can be obtained for as little as €100. Contact us to discuss!

We’d love your help to succeed, as the objective of our success is your increased success!

In addition to appearing more frequently on our Snow Report or a “sponsorship” ad on 1 Report this season, we would be delighted to hear any ideas you may have.