Re-launch 2022

Re-launch 2022

We’re back!

After a few years with the idea of launching this website, we finally got to work on it in late 2019 with a plan of launching in spring 2020. Of course you all know what happened… Covid-19 happened! This sort of put the brakes on the whole project for a number of reasons. 

As time progressed, we did launch our first ever voting process for your Top-50 ski resorts in Europe. Despite the difficult times, over 3000 of you participated and voted. A very heartfelt thanks for that! We announced the results of the vote in November of last year which did manage to garner some excellent interest in what we were doing. However, over last autumn, many doubts were cast once again on the upcoming 2021/2022 winter season. We decided to put the brakes on again.

Why did we keep putting the brakes on, you may ask? Well, while the main part of is aimed at you and totally free of charge for you, we do need to generate some revenue from it to cover its costs and further develop it (as we have many plans). With all the lack of business ski resort businesses faced over the past 2 seasons, we just didn’t want to approach them in any form of B2B approach given their lack of business at the time.

Today, things are looking better. Ok, some things in the world seem to have gone totally crazy, yet it does look like the 2022/2023 winter season will be the first one back to normal post pandemic, so we’re ready and there will be no stopping us now!

For now we have relaunched our main website. Today you can find the winning resorts of your 2021/2022 Top European Ski Resorts vote and links to said resorts.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be progressively launching many of the other services we plan on offering you.

So please, keep an eye on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, join the Dreamskiresort Facebook Community and please, please, please, speak the news about us online.

See you soon!

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  1. Tom

    Delighted to hear this! I can’t wait. What I’ve seen if you so far over the past couple of years as you attempted to start during the Condi times seemed very promising. Good luck

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